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Cameron Read's unusual double!

Cameron Read's unusual double!

Simon Wardley30 Aug 2023 - 08:20
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Who, on the day of scoring his first Senior 50 ,was also no balled under Law 21.9 ?

To clarify this heading - it's not that Cameron Read has an unusual double, but a question of who has matched his unusual double in a recent Cricket match for the O's.

It's a question that might one day come up on Test Match Special to stump even Andy Zaltzman.....

The traditional August Bank Holiday fixture against Nomads CC did not go without incident this year.

A thriller went down to the penultimate Ball of the match, with three results possible. Nomads got the win, despite Will Nockles rapping their last man's pads and beating the bat in the last over.

Earlier in the game there were missed chances for Oxted , with Nick Emmins and your Author providing some Comedic fielding and Nomads looked eventually to be moving effortlessly to a win until young James Dickens made things happen in his second spell with a brace of wickets and exerting pressure with some fine bowling.

Headlines though to Cameron Read who not only scored a fine 50 (largely in a strong partnership with Matt Thomas - himself no stranger to half-tons) but , in the unfamiliar position of Wicket Keeper and bravely standing up to the raw pace of Justin Ducker caused a 'No ball' to be awarded by Umpire Nigel Turk from Square Leg for breach of Law 21.9 "If the wicketkeeper catches the ball before it passes the stumps, and the batsman hasn’t made any contact with the ball, then it is a no-ball. Any resultant stumping will not be valid."

Come on then, Zaltz... how often has that double been achieved ?

Footnote : Cam's Dad Ian Read was duly summonsed to the Pavilion to get his Wallet behind the bar to mark this significant moment for young Cameron. Better get used to it Ready....

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