Coaches Corner

Coaches Corner

A couple of reminders for our coaches and players as we move through the half way stage of indoor training:

Always check their Set Up. Eyes level, head still, comfortable stance and hands together. This starting point for batters is really important. Have this at the top of your checklist!

Encourage players to play the ball late and under their eyes. When they move outside onto slow damp wickets this will become very relevant!

During net sessions ask batters to reflect on how many balls they are hitting in the air? Perhaps encourage them to hit more balls along the gound? When net batting in pairs, encourage backing up from the non striker, calling and turning the correct way so that they are facing where the ball has been hit. These are good habits and will also help to engage the player during the practise. Its also more fun!

Batting quote of the week comes from our 1st Team Captain Simon Jackson:

“All I am trying to do at this stage is work out what is a drivable length and what isn’t”.

Often the very best of players have the simplest of methods.

Spinners – keep encouraging them to spin the ball as much as they possibly can. Always show plenty of praise for revs on the ball. Accuracy is important, but not at the expense of spinning the ball. Accuracy will develop over time. Pump them full of confidence and self-belief in what they are trying to do. We need quality spinners but it’s a skill that requires a great deal of nurture!

Seamers – encourage energy towards the target. Often as coaches we tell seam bowlers to “Slow down”. Young, physically weak players need that extra energy to help bowl the ball to the other end of the wicket, slowing down will be a temporary fix. Encourage a high front arm, elbow at eye level and talk about “Chin towards off stump”. This may help to keep their head up and stay stronger in their delivery stride.

Bowling quote of the week comes from 1st Team Off Spinner Ned Lack:

“During pre-season I try to ensure that my run up is relaxed and my energy is all about spinning the ball”.
Spinners are winners!

Fielding & Wicket Keeping;

Keepers – always try to split your practise time between keeping and batting. You should view yourself as an all-rounder. Remind yourself and your coach to allocate enough time to get your keeping drills in. If possible pair up with another keeper for your catching work.

S stay low
A assess the ball
S strong hands

Fielding – every session is an opportunity to stop 50 balls, catch 50 balls and throw 50 balls. Those still using incredi balls and tennis balls need variety and fun.

Players exposed to hard ball need plenty of hard ball practise! Don’t leave hard ball prep until we move outside. Be brave, be confident and get those 50 catches in every session. Encourage players to keep their body weight forwards when catching and fielding. Hands should be kept on the line and height of the ball. Fingers always pointing away. Same as the keepers, “Strong hands”.

Wicket keeping quote of the week comes from 1st Team Keeper Mike ‘Woody’ Wood:

“I need to catch more balls”
Sometimes it’s about finding the time to do the basics.

Coaches – “Try to establish the needs of all your players. Take the time to watch and analyse. Ask yourself, am I creating an environment where every player has the opportunity to improve?”

Players – “Maximise every minute of every session. What do I want to improve? How can I improve it?”

Most importantly – enjoy it!

If any of our coaches or players would like to discuss aspects of their coaching or playing, please get in touch.

Ian Read – OLCC Head Coach

07824 866807

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